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A popular landmark of Ahtopol is the remaining parts of the city walls mural paintings depicting the formation of the First Bulgarian State in 681 BC., the church Ascension built in 1776, the monastery St. Yani and the fountain with image of a Thracian horseman.

The Fortress Agatopol
It was built by Thracians, Greeks, Romans and later by Bulgarians and Byzantines. It was erected on a high rocky peninsula, and a fortress wall described by many travelers, encircled the town and separated it from the mainland. The fortress remains at this place are impressive and in some places they reach 3 4 meters of height. In 1971 the fortress Agatopol was declared a cultural monument.

The old town
Like other ancient Black sea towns from V V BC Ahtopol was famous for his narrow cobblestone streets and its beautiful few-storey rich houses, with mostly stone foundations.
Today only one such house has survived the last fire, which locals cherish as a symbol of the town.

The Greek School
In the beginning of century, after the design of a Greek architect, the Bulgarian builders erected the Greek school in the town. Specially for the school red bricks from Marseille, were  brought. It was designated also for meetings also.
Today it is declared a cultural monument.

The Church Ascension
It was built in 1769 and is located in north-eastern part of the peninsula, close to the sea coast and the Greek School. It is a low humble building. It is believed that it is creation of the iconographer John /Yoan/ from Ahtopoll.
The chapel St. Konstantin and Elena
It is 2 km to the south -east from the town. There is a holy spring with holy water in the chapel.

With its numerous, beautiful and diverse beaches Ahtopol is the place where every tourist can satisfy his desires for sea holidays. There are both noisy and tucked-away corners, endowed to us by nature.
The beach strip is 2 km long. The combination of coniferous forests, sea, virgin nature and mild climate makes this beach a unique natural phenomenon. Here the water is good for bathing from May all to October. The sand is fine and golden. The sea water in the beach bay is tranquil and crystal-clear. All facilities of a modern beach are offered umbrellas, deck-chairs, food establishments, clubs and many other beach diversities, such as; jet, banana, water skiing, boat trips and many other.

The most unique beach on southern Black sea coats is situated 5 km away from Ahtoplo. The beach at Veleka mouth is situated in a wide, open bay, and its sand strip is a unique separator between the sea and Veleka river.
The deep sea, the waves and the characteristic sand make this beach unique and a favourite place for people who want some privacy with nature.


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